To run a house like this takes money. We're a charity, so we receive some funding from different organisations, but it's never enough to do everything we want to do. The more money we have, the more facilities and resources we can invest in – and the more valuable a resource the house will be for the people who really need it.

If you'd like to make a donation – however small – it would be extremely gratefully received. We can accept donations through any means – you can send us a cheque, drop money into us at the house or use the donation button on the website. You can also donate on our page.

If you make a donation, and you're a UK taxpayer, you can also choose to give us gift aid for free. This means for every £1 you donate, we'll get 25p extra from the Government. To make sure we get this money, you just need to fill in our Gift aid form (you can ask us for a form) – and we'll sort out the rest. It doesn't cost you anything on top of your donation – and it's a great way for us to get more money for the house.

What's more, if you ever buy anything online (on Amazon for example), you can also donate money to us for free Just click on the Easy fundraising links provided when you buy anything through a website, and up to 15% of the purchase price will be donated to us at no extra cost to you. The site is completely free to use, and if you select Make a Difference when you register, as the cause you want to support, you'll be helping us raise funds to keep the house going.